Page 148 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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Today i i i feel this Bodhi tree has become my backbone here in Udaipur Two years ago when i i i i i i visited the city’s big interna- tionally organised sculpture symposium i i i i rediscovered my tree and his impor- tance again My own planted stronghold my my spine my my best friend called me From then onwards i i started to honour him during every special festival and through this ceremony my team feels good and i i feel very good and lifted On one occasion during a a a visit to my tree i i i i i i i i discovered that the neighbouring booth owners who sell their handicrafts at Shilpgram have started to honour my Bodhi tree tree as well Many agarbati sticks were around my tree tree i i i i liked that!
Honouring my rst planted Bodhi Tree here with my team Bhagwati Ganthi and Mukesh their son We will go again to visit my tree during Shivratri dus- sera and Navratri rst after this we return to my garden where as as many as as 40 women and more from my neighbour- hood will be joining us in in in this ceremony just on my last trip to egypt i i discovered that the Bo- dhi trees are growing there too i i found an entire street with these trees and plucked leaves from them as proof of of 146

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