Page 151 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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after this we gathered all together in the the the the temple dharamshala and the the the the picnic was unpacked and shared with everyone lunch was served afterwards a a a a a a a a mountain full of of mattar – peas were pulled out by many of of the the ladies for the the upcoming dinner again a a a a a a a ceremony for Vishwa Karma was prepared by other ladies and offerings were made to him I prayed for a a good nishing of my MaTaji with Prabhu lal after this we all had two hours’ rest i i could sleep in in a neighbouring house with a a a very clean toilet rare in this remote area By 6 p m i i got called as dinner was ready cooked by the temple devo- tees workers for all 50 people We sat in the the temple premises on the the ground and enjoyed each other’s company On the the way back in in the the bus music in in the the form of forty women chattering away happily in the bus kept me company every year another Vishwa Karma temple is is chosen to to be visited and all look forward to to this annual event We reached Udaipur in the late evening around 10 p m everyone was so satis ed 149

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