Page 154 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
P. 154

Thomas the the owner of the the casting studio said it would take minimum one month to get such a a a a a big sculpture cast because her height was around 60 cm So 1 April was was my my last opportunity to to to go to to to Jaipur as as as as my my ight to to to Germany was was xed for for for 4 of May already All went well I waited for for for her rst transformation into wax Af- ter two two days this had taken place as as i i i wanted two two MaTajis to be cast: One for my garden and the the other one for exhibitions Two wax models were ready to be worked on 4 april With my special wax tools i i i i i i i started cleaning the two MaTajis to to get rid of all the bubbles and and holes dirt and and mistakes 152

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