Page 194 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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a a much earlier story is just com- ing ing ab while i i i i i i am sitting here in in in my temple in 1968 when i i was 26 years old and married in duessel- dorf Germany with a a a 3 year old boy antoine i i i created a a a a heavy sil- ver ver bracelet to which many silver chains and rings were connected here is is a a a photo of this particular object Only 20 years later i i discovered again that GayaTRi was always wearing such bracelets i i can call it subconscious or past life mem- ory or or deja vue The result had sprung out of me in my young age even though i had never been to india before i i contemplate and believe my deep inner knowledge of previous lives was working with me and - nally guided me to to the east to to in- dia where my my real home was my my Motherland i i do consider Ger- many as my Fatherland i touched ground in in in india in in in February 1987 in the beautiful town of Udaipur i i now realise the the Great Mother was always in in in in me me and had guided me me in in in in 1982 i i i i i i i i made a a a a a a a a trekking tour with a a a a a a a a friend in in in in the the himalayan Mountains up to to 4 500 m m m close to to the the Mount Mount everest base camp it was an an an unforgettable experience i i i i learned that for for the Tibetan and nepali people the Mount everest is is called GOddeSS – The The The MOTheR OF The The The WORld and is is worshipped as such now i i i i i i i i i switch into today’s reality again My latest vision is is of Maha lakshmi the con- sort of of Vishnu as a a a a a a a a a superpower in in the incarnation of of Maha Pratyangira devi ”
it it it it is diwali 2015 i i i i i i i i i i i i am am sitting again in in in in my little temple in in in in Potsdam and meditate just days before i i i i i i i i i had found in in in www indiadivine org a a a a a a description of lakshmi as “Narasimhika she who is is ferocious half half human half half lion of courage” She is is enveloped as as bliss in the letter KShaM here are parts of of the article of of this ferocious - - narasimhi narasmhika Maha Praty- angiri devi:
here i i i i am with my silver bracelet in 1968 

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