Page 24 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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liSTeninG WiTh yOUR heaRT TO The TReeS 925 silver 1986
The SPeaKinG heaRT 925 silver 1982
The SeeinG heaRT 925 silver 1982
Prabhu lal Sharma and myself had an an immediate understanding for our art - even though he was rooted deeply in his traditional craft and forms of expression and techniques he understood my ideas and expectations almost instantly Without his skilled blessed craftsmanship i i i i i could not have achieved most of my recent sculpture cre- ations he adapted my ideas so clearly and wonder- fully We continue to to to work together even till today - call it it an an “art marriage” if you like with a a a a a a a deep and profound understanding for the the craft and and the the crea- tion 22
The hOUSe OF GOOd lUCK – for my friends Karoli & Siegfried bronze 2005

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