Page 33 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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a a a a a a a a a triple rock form as a a a a a a a a a symbol for for the temple of Sonana Khetlaji near Ghanerao in Rajasthan was integrated at at the the backside of the the object all all in One One — all all iS One One dOUBle-headed PhOenix — Ganda BheRUnda Bronze 1994 however for me personally the the dOUBle-headed PhOenix was the the most powerful of all my objects Up to this day he he is is the force behind my my research which has guided me on my my travels to so many places all over the world starting in in in in South india in in in in Karnataka as as well as as anato- lia in in in Turkey and and even in in in egypt and and to to be extended in in in the future to to Mexico 31

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