Page 7 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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The first time i i i i i i met Mme Fee was in in her garden home in in Udaipur Spread over about half an acre acre this magical garden of hers has evolved into a a a a a a a a a a sacred space since 1995 almost telling the the entire story of Mme Fee’s spiritual connect with MaTaji and the the double headed phoenix Ganda Bherunda no one had earlier dared to to invest in in this dreaded piece of land due to to its proximity to to to a a a a a burial ground But the powers that beckoned Mme Fee had a a a a a different story to to to tell not only did she take this challenging land but over some years converted it first into into a a a a a a a a a jungle and then into into a a a a a a a a a paradise garden for her personal abode Over a a a a a a a a a hundred trees trees are are growing there of which some sacred trees trees are are specially worshipped The four Bodhi trees are revered with sanctity as they produce oxygen both during day and night One also finds several other sacrosanct trees such as the the neem Banyan and Rudraksh The moment you step into this space the pristine divinity surrounds you which is in in sharp contrast to the concrete jungles neighbouring it There’s a a a creative disposition to Mme Fee’s personality Very often the dried fruits flowers seeds and autumn leaves that fall on the ground take up new avatar in form of creative jewellery or
trinkets small and big using bronze or
silver as the new me- dium of expression Often they’re expressed as paintings or
some objects d’art in in in various forms and sizes This book MaTaji is is a a a a a deeply absorbing colourful photo-journal memoir of Mme Fee’s creative spiritual and mystical orbits between Germany Bali indonesia ne- pal Sri lanka and and in recent years Turkey and and egypt She has been strongly guided by her research on the the double headed Phoenix which in in the the state of Karnataka in in South india is is well known as the Ganda Bherunda an an incarnation of lord Vishnu and lakshmi The Red ThRead combines all these places experiences her creative works and the the colourful times of her life into a a a a a a passionately illustrated chronical leaving the the reader almost on the fringe of a a a a mystical episode Bhargav Mistry Udaipur bhargavmistry@gmail com 5 

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