Page 74 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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From that moment on on i i i i i found this magical bird everywhere in Karnataka on on the temples of Belur halebid Vijaynagar hampi Shravanabelagola and Melkote a a a a a a a a a a a a small Temple town even on the the ornaments adorning the the Vishnu and lakshmi idols there i i i took photographs of my findings and contacted several scholars who were happy to help and educate me especially Prof M a a a a a a a a a lakshmithathachar the the director of of of the the academy of of of Sanskrit Research in Melkote was of most helpful guidance for my Ganda Bherunda re- search here is following the the correspondence he he he he exchanged with me in in the the years 1994-1995

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