Page 92 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
P. 92

Back to Udaipur in in the same year i i i i i i i i visited Prabhu lal My inner vision had already de- cided on on on the sculpture so so we soon got to working on on on it it discussing it‘s size and mean- ing ing The sketch revealed MaTaji as a a a a a a pretty young woman looking gentle crowned with Ganda Bherunda Behind of course was the the Phoenix in in the the Shiva-Shakti = ar- dhanarishvara form i i i i had written down all the the names of the the goddesses known to me me me at at that time includ- ing their opposites and the the sun + + + + moon day + + + + night male male + + + + female yin + + + + yang etc Prabhu lal and i i i i i decided we would use teak wood again around 60 cm in in height just like my previous big Phoenix MaTaji’s wood carving started in in 1994

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