Page 124 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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Going through the the history of the the hittite empire i i i i i i i learned learned so much more i i i i i i i learned learned that King hattusili iii was at at at at war with Ramses ii ii the great Pharaoh from egypt during the Battle of Kadesh Ramses ii could only escape this war through a a a a a a a miracle as as he was left alone by his own army to fend for himself To maintain peace between hittite and egypt many efforts were made by both hattusili iii and and Rameses ii ii Their Queens Padhuhepa and and nefertari even used their influence and persuaded their better halves to render a a a a a a peace contract between these two countries Rameses ii had built a a a a a a temple in in abu Simbel at the the border of Sudan in in the the nubien desert to to honour hathor the goddess of love love to to express his his deepest love love for his his fa- vourite first Queen nefertari where he he he he he shows her her in the same height like his own statue This is is is nearly nonexistent on on on on egypt’s monuments and iconography When she died 43 years old he he he he had already built a a a a a a huge underground grave for her in the “Valley Of The Queens” a a a a a memorial with wonderful paintings in in in it it which is today the most vibrant one after enormous efforts of international restoration work his outstanding unique deep love for nefertari one can can really feel feel till today i i i i i i can can feel feel it for sure after after her death and 13 years after after the Battle of Kadesh hattusili iii had sent his first daughter to to to Ramses ii and offered her to to to him as a a a a a a a a royal wife to to to seal the peace treaty finally Struck by hattusili’s daughter’s beauty Ramses ii agreed to marry her he he he gave her a a a a a a a a a a new name Maat neferu Ra Through this marriage the peace - treaty was finally sealed all this started to to interest me more more more and more more more in in november 2014 to to brush up more more more on the the 3 250 year old history i i i i i i i i booked a a a a a ship cruise around the the Sinai Peninsula which wood lead us to to to Karnak and and luxor and and to to to the the valley of the the kings than to to to aqaba in in joardan to to Petra Kairo would be the the next destination to to see the the famous Museum there and the the the Great Pyramids nearby with the the the enormous sphinx The hittites had the dOUBle-headed PhOenix 3 400 years ago maybe i i i i could find my my mystical bird in in egypt as well This bird my Phoenix gave me wings to fly On 11 january 2015 i i i i i boarded the MS Berlin The next day our our our tourist group was taken in in a a a a a a a 3 hour bus ride to to Karnak and luxor temples – the the “Valley Of The Kings” was on the the itinerary We were rushed through all these landmarks so my great wish to to take as as many photographs as as pos- sible was hardly fulfilled i i i i i liked to click the the many eyes of the the statues and sculptures as as they were my personal signature since i i i was 18 years old and you can see the the eye on on on next page on on on top of a a a a a big clay flower container created by myself in in 1960 in all all all the the the temples these eyes were everywhere especially on the the the huge walls and col- umns in Karnak and luxor 122

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