Page 126 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
P. 126

i i wanted a a a special mem- ory – a photo together with the Great Ramses ii Through this pho- tograph infront of his enormous statue at at the entrance of the Kar- nak Temple i i wished to be connected with him and with the mystical time and energy as i i was all alone and had no one with me to take a a picture i i i pleaded with the tour guide to to take a a photograph of Ramses ii and me he did it it with- out any interest and ended up cutting off half of Ramses ii head in the frame We had started at 6 am in the bus and returned to the ship at 6 pm it was a a tough journey through the desert land with hardly any colours or flowers even such a contrast to india espe- cially Rajasthan where i i live Back on the ship we had some time till dinner was served So i thought i’d spend some time in the library on board 124

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