Page 128 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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at at nearly the the the end of of of the the the book there was an illustration of of of a a a a a a a a pair of of of golden bracelets with blue lapis lazuli stones and dOUBle-headed dUCKS on on them - - similar to to my earlier findings of dOUBle-headed BiRdS Ganda Bherundas during my travels to Mysore and Karnataka back in 1993-94 eureka! i i i i i had found what i i i i i needed to find it was only my second day in in egypt and i i had already found my my answer - - my my dOUBle-headed PhOenix My search was successful my my trip was done i i i i i i did not find my my symbol in in the hieroglyphs of egyp- tian Pharaohs but here on Ramses ii bracelets which he he he he wore when he he he he went to war through them he he wanted to be be connected with his beloved Queen nefertari in in his 4th volume on Ramses ii the author Christian jacq describes in in The lady OF aBU SiMBel these bracelets in detail i i i i i i consumed all five of his volumes before and during this egyptian nile adventure and was very happy with my well of findings now another wish needs to to to be be fulfilled: a a a a a cruise from luxor to to to aswan to to to abu Simbel on the River nile in january 2016 Bracelets of gold and lapis lazuli labeled with the name of Ramses ii and and decorated with two duck heads and and granules The gem was discovered in 1906
in Bubastis delta region and probably belonged to a a temple treasure (Kairo jde 39873)

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