Page 135 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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This was inspired by my lifelong interest in in in male male and and female unity harmony and and bal- ance in in in 1982 when i i i i i i i i i lived in in in Sri lanka and Bali indonesia i i i i i i i i i had two faces carved one one in in in black coral and the the other one one in in in ivory which later appeared in in in a a a a a a a jewellery piece set with a a a a golden sun and silver moon These faces looked so different – a a a a friend of mine mentioned when he he he he he saw them he he he he he thought they belonged to a a new race with very high foreheads! But as one can see on on the the previous page that they are much more resembling Ramses II in in in in pro le in in in in Abu Simbel in in in in my special face which is cast here in bronze next to the pro les of Ramses II now i i i i i swing forward into today i i i i i had found a a a a a new idol for for my eternal lovers Last year I discovered photographs while visiting Egypt for the rst time with a a a a symbol of of love in in ancient history 3 250 years ago during the time of of Ramses ii and nefertari his his beloved Queen This symbol of love love i i i i i was longing to to see and touch aBU SiMBeL
This ancient monument was was waiting now for me me so was was a a a a a cruise on on the River nile In January 2016 a a a second trip to to Egypt followed This time I I ful lled my need to to visit the temples that Ramses ii had built: One
for amun Re named: “The house of Ramses ii loved loved by amun Re” another one for for the the goddess hathor for for his beloved Queen nefertari 133

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