Page 137 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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i i i i i i found more more and more more similarities this time time in ancient egypt from the times of the the Pharaohs with the the hindu gods and their special duties and ceremonies in india we have Shiva and Shakti as ard- hanarishvara man man and woman in one body Shiva has a a a a blue complexion as as well when called neelKanTh The egyptian god hapi has a a a a blue completion as as well he he he is the the protector of the the River nile as Shiva takes care of the biggest river in india the Ganga This neel blue has become my favourite colour as one can see here below spe- cially on my Blue-Krishna-Studio in Par- adise garden in Udaipur and all around both of my gardens on ower pots and painted on on bye-gone trees This colour is is transforming them into vivid art objects My Blue-Krishna-Studio in in Paradise-Garden in in Udaipur haPi = God of River nile 135

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