Page 170 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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i i i i i i i witnessed interesting moments in in in different different colours on different different parts of her sculp- ture always changing from blue to green green When she was nally fully green green with ox- ide she she she was was was carried to to a a a a a a a a staircase where she she she was was was washed The photographs of this cleansing process have come out so beautifully every minute she looked different i i i was thrilled and fascinated by her always chang- ing face and smile The second day the many workers who were working with her started rushing to nish both MaTajis One month was given for one sculpture and now both had been completed By 24 april at 6 pm after rounds of constant polishing with the help of at least 10 people both MaTaji’s seemed to be ready i i i i called Thomas and Smith his close assistant who did the nishing touches with lots of energy and enthusiasm to to take photographs of them before they were packed i needed to document this very interesting transformation rst from wood to wax then to eternal bronze and the fascinating process of giving the the bronze the the right patina On 24 april at 7 pm we had packed them both placed them in Tara’s taxi and we drove back to Udaipur through the night Our happy very last photograph with Thomas before we said good bye Then i i i left with my 2 MaTaji’s 168

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