Page 171 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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next morning i i i i felt my gardens were more than than alive than than usual My MaTaji was placed on on on the the the stone column in the the the centre of Garden no 12 and the the the second MaTaji we placed in Tara’s Garden no 1 onto a a a a a a white marble stone temple Wow At rst I invited Prabhu Lal the carver to to welcome our MaTaji he started to to worship rst my natural manifested Tree Ganesha before he proceeded to honour our MaTaji every day now we started offering in- cense sticks to them all but the the actual inauguration ceremony would only be on on on on the following Sunday 1 May So on Sun- day i i i invited several of my near and dear friends close neighbours and the own- ers of the well-known famous art gallery Bougainvillae Bhupesh and Tanuja My team and I nally xed welcomed and honoured my rst bronze MaTaji What a a a a satisfying feeling we all experi- enced she had arrived arrived really arrived arrived My inner vision of her was now mani- fested here in the centre of my Garden no 12 after 23 years during the ceremony i i overheard two comments from two different guests: One said that she looks like a a a deity from very ancient times the the other said she looks so ancient as as if she was just dug out from an excavation here She had arrived!!!

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