Page 174 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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Mataji vii – inner excavationS
On my ight back to Germany on 5 May 2016 i i i i suddenly got a a a clear inner vision an answer In the last four years I I ew twice to anatolia Turkey to to visit the excavation sites of of the the 3 400 year old Sphinx of of the the hittite times an inspiration behind my dOUBle- headed PhOenix and my MaTaji after i i i i discovered and recognised her in hattusa in in in anatolia as a a a a a a a voluminous Sphinx i i i i i took my my old carving out from my my kitchen cor- ner where she had been since 20 years and unearthed her out of my own deep inner self which might even date back to the time of This Great Sphinx The vision i i i i got in the plane was that all these happenings are my very own inneR exCaVaTiOnS – my own inner ndings discoveries through all the many lives from the past until today which MaTaji is a a a a a sym- bol for Seeing her in in in my inner visions and bringing her out into the visible world felt like nding my inneR SelF out of the rub-
bles of this life and and all previous lives again in in in in honouring her and and the TWO in in in in One form i i i i honour myself my my innermost deep love so that this stays alive and renew itself through through every every tree I have planted through through every every fresh ower that blooms in my gardens every day so that these treasures will never get lost the red thread – ParaLLeL LiveS
i i i i i i i i distributed photos of my my new bronze MaTaji MaTaji to to all my my friends MaTaji MaTaji is is being multiplied now and she is communicating a a a a a a strong message that everyone needs a a a a a a UniVeRSal MOTheR I re ect on on this day in in in the evening and again on on my life i i i i i i i i remembered suddenly an exhibition of mine in in in the year 1985 during a a a time when i i i had my my own gallery only for my my artworks in Bremen north Germany which was named dOUBle CiRCle 172

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