Page 175 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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the exhibition was called
Lived dReaMS dReaMS – Living dReaMS dReaMS in in in the the the evening i i i i i i i i saw a a a a a a a a television documentary about the the the aborigines of australia the the the rst inhabitants Through this documentary I I got my answer to all these dreams I I am am having which I I always try to to to let ow into into my my art and into into my my life since I I can remem- ber like i i i i i i i had called
my exhibition 31 years ago dReaMS dReaMT inTO liFe ever since i’ve been living with my dream world and make it it visible for the outside world The aborigines believe in in the the dream time For them this is is a a a Parallel life which is is a a constant undisturbed connection from the very BeGinninG OF TiMeS till today‘s life They honour and celebrate rituals for this dReaM TiMe which is is so important for them and this is is expressed in their typical art form i i under- stood it instantly This is is my dReaM TiMe this is is my Red ThRead of my life i really feel very much the same that my connected past my dReaM TiMe can be seen through my art in the outer world i i have dreamt my dreams into the visible world it feels good that there are many compan- ions in the the world like the the ab- originals who are honouring their dreams same as i i i like to honour mine My MaTaji – The The MOTheR OF all is a a very ne example of this 173

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