Page 191 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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MaTaji x
visioNs oveR aLL
My latest vision about MaTaji and and PhOenix Ganda - BheRUnda
Today it it it is Sunday 16 july 2017 i i i i i i i i am am sitting here
in in in my little temple in in in Potsdam Ger- many full of Buddhas and and Indian Gods and and Goddesses
trying to nalise my MATAJI- PhOenix-BOOK of around 200++ pages as my wish is is to to take it it with me to to india on my next trip in in in 1986 one year before i i i i i i i i i came to to india and Rajasthan into Udaipur i i i i i i i i i had a a a a a a a a a a vision that I was ying through the the air to a a a a a a golden mother this goddess had a a a a a a third eye on her forehead after having lived 8 years in in in in Sri lanka a a a a a a a country with mainly Buddhist belief my in- ner wish was to experience the female power of india So this inside longing resulted in in a a jewellery object which i i i i i named the BRide OF The Wind at at at that that time i i i i i only knew so much that that most gods in in hinduism had a a a a a a female goddess by their side My wish was to feel this male male – female balanced energy there Out of my my inner creative vision I let myself y y y as The The BRide OF The The Wind to to india into the the arms of the the GReaT GReaT MOTheR – GReaT GReaT GOddeSS (left photo) as well i i wished to to be blessed in in in meeting there my BRide GROOM OF The Wind The The BRide-GROOM OF The The Wind 1986 189

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