Page 197 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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just on diwali few days later Maha Pratyangira devi came into existence appear- ing
in in in my my my room as a a a a a double thunder and and into my my my life and and my my my temple Trans xed I let this this happen no other way only to to to accept this this power She told me that she wanted to to to stand by me me me protect me me me and and work with me me me in future The vision i i i i had was was that she was was the only one with her enormous power who could pacify narasimha Through this happening they united together into a a a a a a a peaceful form and and new incarnation as PhOenix Ganda BheRUnda Whatever this may be for others this is is is is is is is my artist vision vision and belief This vision vision is is is is is is is working so well for me now al- lowing me me to see and and feel the powerful positive outcome and and her protection in in this same moment on diwali while i i i i i i i i i i i was sitting in in in my temple i i i i i i i i i i i received a a a a a a call from india Pankaj the son of my carver Prabhu lal was was in in in trouble his wife Pinky was was waiting for her her delivery with her her second child in in in a a a a a a a hospital in in in Udaipur as as she was in in in a a a a a a a very very weak condition Pankaj was nervous and and extremly worried about her So he he called me and and asked for my guidance and help I was in the middle of Maha Pratyangira‘s rst bless- ings i i i i i i felt her her strongly so i i i i i i read her her mantra to to to Pankaj to to to calm him him down i i i i i i told him him this powerful goddess will be be on on their side as well i i i i i i i i believed strongly in it every every 10 minutes he was calling in in in fear and i i i i i i i calmed him down every every time with Praty- angira‘s help i i i i i i i i i i told Pankaj if a a a a a a a a a girl will be born i i i i i i i i i i like to to name her angira angira which is a a a a a a a a a part of Pratyangira‘s name Should a a a a a a a a boy be born i i i i i would give him a a a a a a a a spiritual name taken from her mantra and will call call him ananda 30 minutes later after many more in-between calls from Pankaj Pinky gave birth to to a a a a a a a a a boy – – ananda – – he he had touched ground on our earth all family members and and myself were so relieved and and happy thankS to Maha PRatYangiRa devi For me now now my my whole Red Thread story has rounded up i know by myself and through my own visions the ancient story of narasimha – PhOenix Ganda BheRUnda My deep inner belief and and conclusion is that Maha Pratyangira Devi and and the paci ed narasimha were melting into into one form and a a a a a a a a a new peaceful incarnation came into into being – – this terri c one bird with two heads – – The PhOenix Ganda BheRUnda Om
Sat Chit ananda Parabrahma Purushothama Paramatma Sri Bhagavathi Sametha
Sri Bhagavathe namaha

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