Page 198 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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My rst object with this theme from 1988
UndeR The PROTeCTiOn PROTeCTiOn OF PhOenix – PROTeCTiOn PROTeCTiOn FOR lOVe ew out of my subconscious and started his own orbit with me After nearly 30 years of experience and research ying around the world with him + her with Vishnu and and lakshmi this is is is my my answer They are my my personal yin and and yanG symbol in in this very special dOUBle headed PhOenix incarnation they are my best friends including all male male and female balanced incarnations like ShiVa - ShaKTi KRiShna - - - Radha RaMa - - - SiTa BRahMa - - - GayaTRi SaRaSWaTi SaViTRi Equals are plenty in Egypt’s iconography as well When one turns my rst object to the reverse side one one can nd 2 hearts in one one body with two heads My explanation and conclusion today is that 2 superpowers have united so there must be two full hearts They joined in in in in in love in in in in in universal UnendinG lOVe as Rabindranath Tagore named his so so famous poem the necklace of songs – UnendinG lOVe There are many documentations all over the the world about the the heraldic representa- tions of this symbol with the dOUBle-headed eaGle Many countries have used and use this symbol to document their power e e e e e e e e e g the the the „holy Roman empire“ the the the Rus- sian Tzars and again the Russia of today Byzanz austria many Kaisers etc This is is is to to be worked on by historians 196

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