Page 202 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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FOR halF My liFe i i i i i i have been travelling in in europe africa asia Minor and asia i i i i i i i have been so fortunate in in my whole artistic life to delve into and and be be inspired by the the beauty the the rough wild and and medita- tive aspects of nature i i i haVe FelT experienced researched and transformed the wise words of great poets and philosophers into my own special thoughts and and thereafter my art pieces They are reverberated and and re re re re ected in objects unique jewellery and in in in in paintings in in in in other words the the diary of my life in My 38 yeaRS of travels i i i have been blessed with many unusual names in my life time each new name name brought forth and conjured something unexpected inside me me ThROUGh My WORK and my transformation in this time old
knowledge was and and and and is is is reborn and and and and this permeates expands and and and and enriches current life issues My unique pieces of of art are a a a a a result of of my own personal experience perception and outlook on on on life which was bestowed on me by my travels in in in 1978 I had the the fortune of of taking the the open wide and and and long road of of life and and and landed at rst in in in Sri lanka i i i i spent 8 years learning life there – learnt to live anew i i i i i i i delVed inTO the the the the the culture the the the the the diversity of of the the the the the people the the the the the biblical tropical beauty of of nature there and also buddhism During this this time time I experienced for the rst time time my own inner rebirth into this this life nOWadayS i i i i i i i liVe in in in india most of the time in in in the the especially colourful Rajasthan in the the beautiful city of Udaipur and that since 30 years all My ideaS FOR OBjeCTS unique art pieces and paintings were developed here in in in the great meditative peace that Mother earth offers and that in my self landscaped gardens which took 22 years to complete
The neW BiRTh silver 925 / bronze 1986

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