Page 203 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
P. 203

My TheMe this year is: “FiniTy – inFiniTy” One cannot exist without the the the other inspired by the the the great indian poet Rabindranath Tagore Below is is is one of this this valuable thought on on this this theme:
„immortality is a a a a unceasingly breaking of of the ending forms of of life life in in order to reach the unending truth of life“
PReCiOUS STOneS minerals inter-twined thoughts of great poets i i i i i i i freely set in in in in silver gold and bronze i i i call my artworks ThOUGhT GaTeWayS and and COMPaniOnS ThROUGh liFe and and as such i i i i i wish my collectors and and clients great pleasure with their objects and and that they may accom- pany them throughout their lives learn from life – let yourself be inspired by the the the movements of life – – always be prepared for the new on on account of constant change change and exchange – – in order to encounter the unwavering inner unit of love inside oneself Mataji – the the Mother of aLL
– bronze 2016

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