realised in


in gold, silber and bronze


in oil und pastel

Half of my life I have been travelling in Europe, Africa, Asia Minor and Asia. In my whole artistic life I have delved into the beauty, roughness, the wild and meditative that nature offers and which I was fortunate to have experienced.

The wise sayings of great poets and philosophers enabled me to feel, live through, follow, transform and allow the seeds thereof to grow inwardly. As these Thought - Seeds arise, I give them an artistic form in such a way that they are echoed and reflected in objects, unique jewellery and paintings. This in short terms is the diary of my life.

During my 38 years of wandering I have been blessed with many unusual new names. Each new name spawned something unexpected and magical inside me.

Old knowledge was and will be transformed again, renewed in another form and this permeates, expands and enriches my present works and life issues.

My unique pieces are characterised by my own personal experience, perception and inner outlook on life due to the diversity of my wanderings.

In 1978 I was fortunate to have the opportunity to venture out on the wide streets of life and my first stop was Sri Lanka. In the 8 years I spent there I learned how to live life – “learned to live anew”. It is here where I delved into the culture, diversity of the people and into buddhism and the biblical, tropical beauty of nature. During this time I realised for the first time my own inner rebirth into this life.

Nowadays I live in India most of the time in the especially colourful Rajasthan in the beautiful city of Udaipur and that since 30 years. All my ideas for objects, unique art pieces and paintings were developed here in the great meditative peace that Mother Earth offers and that in my self landscaped gardens which took 22 years to complete.

silver 925 / bronze, 1986

Mataji – The MOTHER of ALL   –   bronze 2016

The conclusion I have at this very moment and the essence of my artistic life is best expressed in my new book “The Red Thread – Mataji – The Mother of All” which is currently being processed.

My theme this year is: “FinityInfinity”. One cannot exist without the other. Inspired by the great Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore. Below is one of this valuable thought on this theme:

“Immortality is a unceasingly breaking of the ending forms of life in order to reach the unending truth of life”

Precious stones, minerals, inter-twined thoughts of great poets, I freely set in silver, gold and bronze. I call my artworks Thought Gateways and Companions Through Life and as such I wish my collectors and clients great pleasure with their objects and that they may accompany them throughout their lives. Learn from life – let yourself be inspired by the movements of life – always be prepared for the new, on account of constant change and exchange – in order to encounter the unwavering inner unit of love inside oneself.

Here a thought from GURU NANAK:
 the founder of the Sikh religion.

“Whatever you give free – belongs to you.
Whatever you hold tight – you have already lost.”

"Holy visitor" in FEE´s Paradise-garden in front of the blue studio


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