Page 139 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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Kamadenu in in Melkote in in a a a Temple fries
in in indian mythology we have Kamadenu who is also a a a a cow goddess a a similar symbol in ancient egyptian times most of the gods had a a a female equal in in value and height in in india till today each of the main gods are worshipped with their respective Shakti (female goddess or equal) for example lord Brahma the Creator has three con- sorts Gayatri for the morn- ing Savitri for the noon and Saraswati for the the evening lord Vishnu the the Preserver with Goddess lakshmi as as his consort and Shiva the destroyer with Goddess Parvati as his Shakti in old egypt there was a a a a a a a creator god named Ptah who had dried out the the swamps and and and let egypt grow out from the waters and and and transforming it into valuable land he he is is said to have reigned egypt for 9 000 years – i i i i i i read about this in one of Zeche- ria Sitchin‘s books Ptah’s female consort is Sakmet a a a a a a lion goddess Ptah‘s very own symbol is a a snake in in india we have a a a a a a a a a a a a lion lion lion god god half man with lion lion lion head narashimha and a a a a a a a a a a a a lion lion lion goddess as as well called Maha Pratyangira devi a a a a a a a a a a a consort of Vishnu as as narasimha Only this god- dess with 1 1 008 lion heads and 2 016 arms the strongest form of lakshmi was able to to pacify his his anger and through this very incident they together presumed the the the form of Ganda Bherunda – the two birds in one body Ptah is is is the the god of the the architects artists and craftsmen his son with Sakmet nfertem was born from a a a a a a a blue lotus in in india Vishwa Karma is is is his equal he serves in the the same ways to protect and and accompany the the architects artists carpenters and and craftsmen This is is just my my second exciting trip to egypt and i i i i i i have found my my Red ThRead even here dating back to ancient egypt and and compare it it with the hindu gods and and beliefs of of of today in the the egypt of of of our time there are no celebrations of of of old gods anymore to to my knowledge like it has been in in in the the ancient history But in in in india there are till today great celebrations everywhere to honour the gods This is is is is which i i i i i i i i i really appreciate and this is is is is one of my many reasons why i i i i i i i i i rather live in in in india and in in in the the great silence of of my gardens where we can honour the the gods of of all times than to to live somewhere else it is fascinating all together!

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