Page 140 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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MaTaji iv
i i i i i i returned from india to to Germany last year in in the middle of October i i i i i i woke up one morning very early at 5 a a a a a a m m m which was was unusual for for me i i i i felt i i i i was was forced to get up take a a a a a piece of paper and write something down So i i i i i i listened wrote a a a a a poem in in honour of MaTaji after that that i i i i went back to sleep later in the day i i i i read that that text message and was thrilled Two words stood out: “Give Free“ they became my new motto it bore a a a a new meaning for the words which i i i i i do not like to to hear any more: let go go These new words were my my gift which i i i i i i believed i i i i i i got from my my MaTaji give fRee
Because of this poem i i i i i i became much more positive - give something freely you are freely giving even an an illness you can “Give Free” instead of being stuck with thoughts on illness all the time a a a a a new mantra was born just GiVe FRee keep giving giving not demanding or letting Go Many positive giving giving ideas came up and and ever since it it has become a a a a a a a a a magical slogan and and a a a a a a a a a helper for critical times and and thoughts i i i use this GiVe FRee as a a a a new mantra now all this this had helped me to experience a a a a a a a fruitful market and through this this i i i i i was able to to enjoy my trip to to egypt Our cruise then brought us down South where we visited many important temples on on the the banks of the the River nile But for me me my monument and and symbol of eTeRnal lOVeRS is is aBU SiMBel it is is the most important one and and this is is waiting for me We made an an exciting stop at the the the aswan dam the the the biggest in in in the the the world here i i i i am am enjoying a a a glimpse of this enormous dam 138

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