Page 142 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
P. 142

Mostly the royal wives were never as tall as the Pharaohs much less in fact – maximum to the knees only but not so in this hathor temple with nefertari That’s why this monument is is so important to me me my my work and my my theme of eTeRnal lOVeRS Here the nest representation is found This is is UniVeRSal lOVe – for me i i i asked a a friendly couple from our ship to take some photographs of nefertari and Ramses ii with me Through these pho- tographs i i wanted to to be connected with this unique symbol of love with its mys- tical its its magic and its its spirit They agreed and and took several shots of me and and i am so happy to have these as part of my re- search 140

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