Page 143 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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inthiscaseinegypt inabuSimbel hathor–astheGOddeSSOFlOVe takescareofthe TWOinOne Shetakescareofthetotalunityevenafter3 250yearsandformanymore thousands of of years to come – i i i i i i i wish in in india this Goddess who takes care of of the union of of the UniVeRSal lOVeRS will be in my my work Maha laKShMi She is one part of of my my dOUBle-headed PhOenix = Ganda - - Bherunda My circle has become complete after 23 years of growing and learning i i i i have found my my answer and I can nish now in in these coming months with Prabhu Lal my my loyal carver my MaTaji crowned with Phoenix Ganda Bherunda and and behind the TWO in One symbol of the eTeRnal lOVeRS every time i i i i i look at her she is turning out to be more gracious one one can‘t take one‘s eyes off her My life in in India Asia Turkey and Egypt all these in in uences have been woven into my MaTaji i i i i i i i i i invite all goddesses to to take their seat in in in this object i i i i i i i i i wel- come all all all MaTajis = all all all Goddesses from all all all different cultures to accept this piece of art as their abode Some mother symbols date back 20 000 years so into my MaTaji sculpture i i i i like to to invite them all all all i i i i i i call this object all all all in in in One One too The lovers the the TWO in in in Ones are are invited as well all the great symbols of neVeR-endinG-lOVe are are welcomed the the the Great Mother is protecting them all Today i i close this chap- ter with the wish that our MaTaji will be ready with all her ne carvings by april 1 i i i long to then bring her her to to jaipur to to let her her be cast in bronze i i i give my wish to all the gods and my companions on on the way that this will surely hap- pen 141

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