Page 179 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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On top of this very special mask was was a a a a a a turtle turtle and oh joy upon the turtle turtle was was my dOUBle-headed PhOenix my bird of guidance since 1988 The fundament of the mask is is wood which which is is pasted with bee wax upon which which thou- sands of miniature pearls are pressed into it creating gorgeous images The huichol dream world is transported into these objects I I de nitely had to buy this mask immediately there there was no way I I could leave it it there there i i i i i i had such a a a a strong feeling that it it would protect me my my exhibition stand my my sur- roundings and my life as as well The energy emerging from this jaguar mask created wonders around me immediately my assistant friends especially Tina and her daughter Sati started to in- tegrate this lovely mask into our daily incense worship beginning as as always with a a a a a a a lit- tle Ganesha then honouring my MaTaji followed by this powerful jaguar mask Tina arranged a a a a a a a special table for the mask to be worshipped with a a a a a a a ower directly under our MaTaji‘s wall hanging Powerful Powerful there are no other words – but Powerful Powerful Many months of work go into this mask which one can feel What i i i i i also experienced was was that the mask felt immediately at at at home with me me me It was was simply around and tted perfectly into my my life i i i i also had to to buy a a a a a a second smaller mask bearing my my dOUBle- headed PhOenix which i i i i i i i decided to to take with me to to india For the past 38 years of my life i i i i was guided through and around asia South east asia asia China and and even asia asia Minor Turkey and and egypt 177

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