Page 180 - Double-Headed PHOENIX and MATAJI – The Mother of All
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now it seems a a new expansion has started like a a a a ash of light- ening above all my dOUBle- headed eaGle has played a a a a a role in in guiding me on my trav- els yet again he is showing me my next destination – Mexico i had so far never been to america america latin america america or South america in other words never crossed the at- lantic Ocean i i now have a a a a a call to do so so some time in the fu- ture i i i i i i i bought lots of small items from Misael the young huichol Mexican – indian Col- ourful pearl necklaces bracelets for all my my family members and and Ulysse and and my my work- ing family and and boys in in in in india also gifts in in in in the the the form of snakes the the the sun and and the the the moon for for my assistents at at the the the Christmas market at at the the the end of the the the day it had summed up nicely for Misael and he was so happy i i i i i i i asked all friends who visited me at the market to to buy items from him to to help this tribe to survive in these so dif cult times for for them It just felt really good for for all all of us us and and my my wings expanded in in my my dreams from Far Far east to Far Far West This whole experience had widened my my my my Breath my my my my Future my my my my learnings my my my my life my Orbit here with my friends Siegfried & Karoli

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